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Bill and Linda Rowland
Broken Arrow OK

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We decided to splurge on the train ride to the Grand Canyon, and booked passage on the Deluxe Coach. We could get used to that treatment!

Lots of photos here, but we are only putting a summary on this blog, so on to...

Bakersfield, California, another side trip to an old theatre belonging to a friend of mine, Jim Spohn. It was given to him by his wife and he has fixed it up and added a pipe organ.

And then on into the Sequoias.  The General Sherman Tree is the largest (volume-wise) in the world. The roads into here suck, though.

Yosemite was a treat, too. In the background is El Capitan and Half Dome. To the right (out of camera range) is Bridal Veil Fall, and we have just come through a tunnel.

We stopped for supper at a place called the Gold Coin Inn, and met Ann and Greg, a delightful couple from Australia. He sings in a barbershop chorus, so, doing what comes naturally...

Foggy along the California coast near San Simeon.

For steam railroad buffs, this engine is a Shay, which has vertical pistons instead of horizontal ones to drive the wheels. Power is transmitted to the track through a driveshaft and geared wheels.

Starting up the hill to the giant redwoods in Felton, California.

This is a cross section of a redwood trunk that is over 2,000 years old.

The wharf in Santa Cruz is home to many sea lions, which are both lazy and noisy.

Also showing off is this cute little fellow, a sea otter.

Redding, California has a pedestrian bridge that is most interesting, it is a functioning sundial.

Shasta, California is a historical site with the walls of the buildings still standing after a fire in 1855. They have a museum there, too.

Starting a round of visiting, in Redding with Linda's aunt Joy Dean.

And her Uncle Jerl, Aunt Winnie, and Cousin Sherry.

And another aunt, Darlene and husband Ronnie.

And Cousin Glenda.

In Dunsmuir, CA, I remember seeing a movie at this same theatre forty years ago.

Cottage Grove, Oregon, is still proud that Buster Keaton chose their town to film his masterpiece "The General" back in 1926.

Stopped for a rainy Sunday morning breakfast along a river on the way to the beaches in Oregon.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a view of the Pacific off the Oregon coast in your dining room window all the time?!

We were surprised at the proliferation of wild blackberries all along the roadways in Washington. And, no chiggers!

The Pacific coastline in Washington is just as rocky as it is in California, maybe a little cooler.

My Friend Dave Luttinen introduced me to this home installation of a Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ in Seattle, and I got to play it for a couple of hours.

Linda's sister Rhonda and husband Jim happened to be in Seattle while we were there and we all went to Mount Rainier one afternoon.

The mountain itself, however, was kinda shy that day and hid its head in the clouds.

Remember those wild  blackberries that Linda was picking? They made a fabulous pie!

We stopped by the Yakima river for a while. Notice how the scenery has changed from the lush rain forest on the other side of the Cascade mountain range to a drier climate just a few miles to the East.

This is the hospital in Yakima where our daughter Lynn was born. They did not remember us.

I even have a cousin of my own, Margaret, in Washington.

Even though Mt. Rainier was hiding in the clouds a few days ago, it showed its show-capped peak on a sunny morning visible at a distance from our RV park in Toppenish.

This is our niece Stephanie at their place on the Oregon-Idaho border. She and her husband have a nice home and business, which he was off and working at so we did not get his photo.

This is their wonderful family, kids and Grandma and Grandpa.

Emmett, Idaho has some fond memories for us from when we were first married. We came here to pick cherries as a couple in '69, with a three-month-old infant in '70, and a toddler in '71. We shared our ice cream with Lynn in this beautiful park.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho, the "Niagara of the West." Believe it or not, this is most impressive when the water is up (not being used for irrigation). We used to live near here in Jerome.

More relatives to visit in Idaho, including our niece Joan and her family...

...and Gloria and Tom, another of Linda's sisters and her husband.

On over into Yellowstone Park, with obligatory photo of Old Faithful (it was ten minutes early this time).

And the majesty of the Grand Tetons.

Now on to Colorado and the Rocky Mountain National Park. This is Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous road in the United States.

We put apps on our phones to show the altitude. This is at the top of Trail Ridge Road.

The Fall River Road, a fascinating trip on an early 20th-Century road hand-built by convict labor between 1913 and 1920. Unpaved, one lane, switchbacks, and beautiful scenery in the Park. Fortunately traffic is only allowed uphill.

RMNP is also known for its wildlife, fun to photograph but we are not allowed to feed them.

It also has these beautiful mountain lakes, this one is one of our favorites, Sprague Lake.

Our final family visit was with our granddaughter Jessica in Denver. Notice the brand-new Estes Park tee shirts!

Garden City, Kansas, has one of the nicest zoos in the Midwest, and it's free to walk through. We have enjoyed this zoo since we first brought our small daughters here.

Dodge City, Kansas still keeps the legends of the Old West alive.

Greensburg, Kansas, was 95% destroyed by an F5 tornado in 2007. They have rebuilt, and now have a much nicer venue to show off the "World's Largest Hand-dug Well."

And now, it's great to be back home! (Actually this photo was taken the day we left, six weeks ago.) 7,877 miles of treasured memories, and we thank you for sharing them with us!

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