Solid Brass


This was Solid Brass, a quintet that had been in existence since 1999.  We played two basic types of music, Church and Ragtime-era.   Our players were:  Jim Bailey (trumpet), Howard Griffiths (trumpet), Jim Brakey (french horn), Bill Denison (trombone), and Bill Rowland (tuba).

Mostly we played arrangements that I have written, and some are published by BVD Press. I have also made some of my arrangements available for free download (pdf files) and you can listen to a sound file rendition of some of them (MP3 files).

Brass Quintet Arrangements (from BVD Press) Sound Files (MP3) Downloads (PDF)
Six Hymns Rejoice The Lord Is King Rejoice The Lord Is King(Zipped pdf file)
Crown Him With Many Crowns (w/organ) Over In The Glory Land   
Spiritual Medley Come, Thou Almighty King  
  Lead On, O King Eternal  
  Spiritual Medley  
  That's A'Plenty That's A'Plenty(Zipped pdf file)
  Crown Him With Many Crowns (Brass and Handbells)  
  Awake The Harp (Haydn) (Brass and Harpsichord) Awake The Harp (Haydn) (Zipped pdf file)

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