30 Years of Ragtime

All Original Piano Rags

by "Ragtime Bill" Rowland

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This album is titled "30 Years of Ragtime" and features seventeen of my own Ragtime compositions dating back to the mid-70s. There are some that have never been played publicly and others that have been both recorded and published. This collection includes prize winners from the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival Rag Composition Contest, one Honorable Mention (1997) and two first-prize winners (1975 and 1999), and there is even one played by a Dixieland band. In addition, in the liner notes I give a brief history on each of the Rags, when they were composed and for whom they were dedicated.  Here is a list of contents:

 1.  Personality (1975)   3:44
 2.  Chimney Creek Rag (2004)  3:21
 3.  Entertainment (1975)  4:10
 4.  Spiffy (1993)   3:03
 5.  Rhythmism (1975)   3:19
 6.  Turn Of The Century (1998)  2:54
 7.  Bugs Ear (1975)   3:35
 8.  Spotlight Rag (1996)  2:07
 9.  Tickled Pink (1975)   3:25
10.  Gussied Up (1994)   3:23
11.  Leslie's Boys (2006)  3:05
12.  Keystone (1973)   4:03
13.  Elizabethan Rag (1998)  2:56
14.  Rag of Many Colors (1987)  3:40
15.  Artistic (1975)   3:45
16.  Dave and Charlie's Rag (1998) 3:09
17.  The Toe Tapper (2005)  3:17

I have set up an .mp3 of one of the rags here, and I invite you to listen to it.

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-Bill Rowland

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